looking ahead

Dear Brockton Voter

As Mayor, Robert Sullivan will:

  • Enhance Business Development/Investment throughout the City
  • Increase Public Safety programs and supporting infrastructure
  • Lead an inclusive, collaborative and transparent City government
  • Champion additional funding for our Public Schools and students
  • Improve quality of life by strict City Code enforcement
  • Expand drug/alcohol awareness education programs
  • Enhance City greenspace, parks and athletic fields
  • Conduct listening sessions for residents and business owners
  • Advocate for our residents, businesses, and City employees

As City Councilor for fourteen years, Robert Sullivan has:

  • Voted twice against the proposed “Brockton United Ordinance” (the so-called Sanctuary City Ordinance). I voted against the proposal as a Member of the Ordinance Committee and again I voted against it as a Member of the full City Council
  • Drafted a ‘volunteer’ ordinance to help Senior Citizens and Veterans
  • Proposed ‘street light acquisition’ with significant annual savings
  • Initiated ‘smart growth’ zoning for Downtown development
  • Created ‘shopping cart’ ordinance to address blight in our City
  • Approved funds for Police, Fire, City and School Departments
  • Recommended restoration and maintenance of Veteran memorials
  • Filed resolves to enhance the City streetlights using LED technology
  • Petitioned Traffic Commission to enact additional safety measures
  • Developed quarterly Councilor-At-Large meetings throughout the City
  • Testified at State Hearings to protect the City’s interest
  • Hosted a local cable show ‘Before the Council’ to inform the public
  • Promoted the creation and improvement of athletic fields within the City
  • Appeared on behalf of residents and businesses before City Boards
  • Advocated for our residents, businesses, and City employees